Condition Surveys


It is often said that purchasing a property is the most expensive thing that most of us will ever buy.  So why do so many not have it properly surveyed, often only relying on a valuation survey from the bank?  A valuation survey primarily confirms to the bank that the property is worth the money being borrowed.  It will not however inform the purchaser of any defects that may be present or any future works that may be necessary.  A condition survey carried out by an independent surveyor will provide the necessary information to allow the purchaser to make an informed decision on whether or not to continue purchasing the property.  


Prior to taking a lease on a building we would always recommend that a tenant has a full photographic schedule of condition prepared that can be attached to the lease.  This can be used to limit repairing liabilities to no better a condition than at the start of the lease and also be used during dilapidation negotiations at the end of the lease to confirm how the building was originally.

Defect Report

Sometimes a specific element can be causing problems for a property owner/tenant and rather than vaguely ask a builder to 'fix it' and hope that does the trick at a reasonable price, we can provide a report on the defect, its causes and different remedial work options available.  A specification can be provided that will allow several contractors to price the works ensuring that you obtain value for money. 

Types of specific surveys include water penetration/leaks, dampness, condensation, timber infestation, structural cracking & defects to name but a few.

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