Your building lease contains a number of clauses that relate to the repair and maintenance of the Landlord's building both during and at the end of the lease. This can not only include repair but also renewing and rebuilding.


Failure to comply with these requirements can result in the Landlord serving you with a schedule of dilapidations.  This will set out the works required and include an estimate of the cost of repair and other associated costs that will form the Landlord's claim for damages against you.

Firstly the claim should be checked against your liabilities under the lease.  Claims can sometimes include items that are not your responsibility or have costs that can be excessive.

If the schedule has been served prior to the end of the lease there may be time for you to carry out the repair works necessary.  Alternatively an agreed settlement can be negotiated with the Landlord. These negotiations can ensure that the extent of the claim are reasonable and the costs are fair.

Strategies at the beginning and end of the lease can be used to limit your exposure to the claim.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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